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  1. Lincoln Power Lock Coupler

    Lincoln Power Lock Coupler

    1/8 NPT

    Can be used with the Lincoln Power Lubers & standard grease gun hoses 1/8"BSP

  2. Knuckle Jointed Connector

    1/8"BSP Knuckle Jointed Slide On Connector

    For use with TAT Head grease nipples, T1B Type

  3. Narrow Push On Connector (12mm)

    Narrow Push On Connector 1/8"BSP Female

    Suitable for Hydraulic Head grease nipples, H1, H2 & H3 Type.

    • Ø 12mm
    • Height 15mm


  4. Grease Gun Filler Valve, Ø 9mm.

    Grease Gun Filler Valve, Ø 9mm.
  5. NS4527 Push On Connector

    Model: NS4527

    For use with K Type grease nipples


  6. 200/XS Needle Nozzle

    Model: 200/XS

    Needle Nozzle

    Needle Length 45mm for use with standard 4 jaw connector, NS4525

    pin point tube outer Ø 4 mm
    pin point tube length 55 mm
    pin point inner Ø 0.8 mm
  7. Nylon Braid Hoses Polyamide Coated

    Flexible Nylon Delivery Tubes

    Working Pressure 400 Bar.

    Burst Pressure 900 Bar.

     Part No:  Threads:  Length
     NS453  1/8"BSP  9"
     NS456  1/8"BSP  12"
     NS458  1/8"BSP  18"
     NS459  1/8"BSP  24"
     NSIT02  1/8"BSP  1.5m
  8. Flexible Delivery Tubes - Rubber

    Flexible Rubber Delivery Tubes

    1/8"BSP Ends


    • NS4160LN, 12"
    • NS4162LN, 18"
  9. NS4110G 6" Bent Rigid and Hydraulic Connector

    6" Bent rigid steel tube with 1/8"BSP ENDS & 4 jaw connector.

    Model:- NS4110G

  10. NSRC1 Swivel Adaptor

    For use with Flexible Delivery Tubes.

    Model:- NSRC1


    To allow the connector to point in any desired direction without having to turn the grease gun into an uncomfortable position.

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